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Smart Board Links - optical illusions - Virtual art gallery, when studying different artists, click on the painting and the painting will become a panorama.  Click on the artists and you can find different paintings that have been created. - interactive museums that are on-line

Misc. Good Stuff

Brain Teasers - this is a power point presentation that you can display on your Smartboard.  The first slide asks the students a brain teaser questions and the next one in the sequence tells the answer.  This is good for a warm-up or filler activity.

Smart Board Links - for those of you who love using foldables in your classroom, this site has a video to show students step-by-step how to create a sequence book.  You can also download templates for the sequence book.  It's a fantastic resource. - grade 7-12.  In teacher guides section there are many different activities you can to related to the curriculum. - virtual keyboard - Travel the World for free. Visit Paris - London - Rome - New York etc. Fly in a minute to Australia and Brazil by 360 degree panoramas. - This is site full of songs to use in your teaching.  You can listen to parts of songs for free, download lyrics and purchase the song. - This is an on-line attention getter to quickly gather student’s attention.  Kind of cool! – This is a site where students can create questions and gather data.

Literacy Links

Read Alouds, Short Films and Animated Clips - This will soon be one of your favorite sites. Amazing Adventures has short films for children that will help them to understand the elements of storytelling. The site also has read alouds as well. Look for the audio icon to get the full effect. - Storyline on Line or Book Pals is sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild. This is an amazing site and one of the best on the web. Here you will find famous actors reading books to children. (K-5) - For upper grades, try Winged Sandals. This site is has short animated stories about Greek Mythology. - For great story telling try this site by Pixar. Although not a read aloud site, this is story telling at its best! (k-5) - for primary grades, this site is jammed pack with read alouds and reading activities (Mostly for Primary, but also has stories appropriate for intermediate) - Between the Lions is a large site full of reading games, songs, read alouds and short clips from the show. Suitable for primary grades. - Candlelight is a site that has a lot of free stuff on it and there is also a minimal charge to upgrade the service. This site has a wonderful pirate unit with free ebooks to go along with the unit. There are many read alouds appropriate for primary and for intermediate. (k-5) - Get Ready to Read is a good site for reluctant readers. - From Jolly Ole England comes this Fantastic site, bbc schools, for literacy. Here you will find word games, animated stories for read alouds, and much, much more. There is even a spot that has a Spanish Component. This site is a favorite, but take your time because this site is HUGE! (k-5) - This is every thing you would ever want in a website for reading. It is magical, animated, colorful and fun! Each story has follow-up activities. If you love teaching with folk and fairytales, this one’s for you. (k-5) This site from Canada has terrific animated and narrated stories for children. The stories are folk and fairy tales. This site will fast become a favorite of yours and your students! (k-5) - Book Pop is a read aloud site for grades k-5. This site reads books to children. Each book is set to music. The stories are enchanting. There is plenty of opportunity to build vocabulary.

Cute read alouds for primary


Reading Materials Online - From the UK! Looking for ways to encourage parents to read with their childen. Look no more. This site will do the trick. Reading Connects is a DfES-funded National Reading Campaign initiative that supports schools in using reading for pleasure to enhance achievement. It offers a free web-based support network to help get the whole school reading by connecting families, children and all members of the school community to a culture where reading is accessible and acceptable to all. - Saskschools is fantastic! This site will help you make your own ebook and will let you print them out to make a copy for your own library! (k-5)

Home-School Link (Good for K-3) is an incredible site for Kindergarten through Third Grade teachers. Here you will find fabulous resources that go home to parents so that they can assist their child with reading. You will be amazed! By far one of the best teacher helpers I have yet to find!!!!



Professional Websites Concerning Literacy - RIF or Reading is Fundamental is a slightly overwhelming site jam-packed with reading activities for students. Take your time to really learn about this site and see how it will ignite your teaching and help you to bust out of a rut. Enjoy! - The Reading Lady is an enormous site for teachers. Here you'll find just about anything you can imagine for teaching reading. This site takes plenty of time to explore but it is so worth it! (k-5) - Hubbard’s Cupboard is a site that will help you to teach reading, give plenty of ideas for literacy centers, and will help you to create morning messages. From environmental print to guided reading to shared reading, this site is plentiful.(k-5) - Feeling a little uneasy about reading aloud non-fiction text? Then site is for you. For information about reading aloud non-fiction text this site will give the philosophy and practical application. Good food for thought and something every teacher should consider.(k-5) - The IRA or International Reading Association is an excellent site that addresses many issues concerning teaching students to read. Keep this site on in your favorites for easy assess. You will want to visit it often. - Here is another overwhelming educator’s site so full of ideas, articles, and fun stuff; a teacher could blow her/his entire Sunday having way too much fun and falling back in love with teaching… a “Can’t wait till Monday” site. (k-5) - Reading Rainbow’s website is well organized, has a parent component and Spanish materials. (k-5) - Interested in knowing more about Reading Recovery. Then this site is for you. There are wonderful downloads and major info about intervention. - Read Write Thinks is a very large teacher resource site for reading. language arts, language and research. (k-5) - Here is a site dedicated to fiction. This site has great ideas for teaching reading and writing fiction. This site is especially helpful for grades 3-5 but can also be used by primary teachers. - Want a website just about Balanced Literacy? This is very good site that speaks to most of the components.


Running Records-Philadelphia's model

Running Records-another great resource!

Road to Reading

Running Record recording sheet

Comprehension Rubrics-It's not just about accuracy!!

Reading Tests and Assessments-includes running record calculator

Cognitive Foundations of Learning to Read


Dolch word inventory checklist - Here's a great way to check and see how many words you students can read

High Frequency Words

Musical Spelling Rules and other fun sites for spelling high frequency words - Strategies for spelling development

Letter and Punctuation Tiles - Here is a website that can help you make word and punctuation tiles on magnetic paper

Dolch (High Frequency Words) Bingo Card - Use these cards to create a high frequency word bingo center

Dolch Site Word Lists for grade levels 1-3, word cards, and word cards that can be cut up into individual words for word sorts.

Moveable Alphabet with red letter vowels and punctuation cards

Phonics Sounds A - For Alphabet or Word Center use these cards to create a fun center for students - A colleagues's wonderful!


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